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  • How To Make Sense Of Big Data Through Data Visualization
    In this age of big data, companies typically have no problem with amassing information; the issue is making sense of that data. Data visualization enables IT and business managers to get clear and varied views of data, allowing them to more effectively make strategic business decisions...In this report, we will focus on open-source software that can help organizations build their own solution for data visualization...
  • Create Next-Level Dashboards With Tableau And D3.js
    Tableau's JavaScript API enables interactivity with different parts of a web page. That means you can program a highly-customized viz that controls (or is controlled by) an embedded Tableau view. This is where D3.js comes into the picture....

Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • Palladio: Humanities Thinking About Data Visualization
    Palladio ( is a web-based platform that allows any researcher to upload, visualize, and analyze complex and multi-dimensional data, directly in a web browser...I’ve written up a few examples below, using my own research into the history of the Monte Carlo casino-resort, founded in 1863...
  • [arra]stre Data Animations
    I was recently commissioned by Genevieve produce some data visualisations/animations for their dance piece [arra]stre that premiered at the Brighton Dome...The aim of [arra]stre is to bring the new computing curriculum to a new audience through dance and computer animation. My only brief was that there would be 5 themes: a) Boolean Algebra, b) Debugging, c) Algorithms/Data Structures, d) Big Data & e)Computational Thinking...
  • Cubic Bezier Curves - Under the Hood
    Take a peek under the hood to see how computers draw cubic Bézier curves, as used in design and motion graphics programs. This video is part of the article Mastering the Bezier Curve in Sketch...
  • Jason Sundram - A Full Stack Approach To Data Visualization: Terabytes (and Beyond) At Facebook
    In this talk Jason will explain how he turns terabytes of data into compelling, interactive, data-driven applications whose purposes run the gamut from internal insights to debugging, to beautiful visualizations. He will show examples of each kind of visualization, and talk about the architecture behind each and how it can be applied in other contexts. Jason will cover several open source technologies like crossfilter.js, dc.js, d3.js and 0mq.

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • GUId3.js
    A toolkit for SVG UI components with D3.js. The UI elements are bi-directional. Meaning they receive feedback from the target objects using Object.observe when available, or a shim. Almost all of the visual aspects of the UI elements can be assigned by associating the UI element with a CSS class, and modifying the CSS for the corresponding component of the UI element...
  • Rotating Voronoi
    Mario Klingemann has made some beautiful Voronoi diagrams. This is my attempt to recreate them using D3. To achieve the curved cells, each side of the Voronoi polygon is subdivided into three equal-length segments and then joined using the "basis-closed" line interpolator...
  • Fun With D3.js: Data Visualization Eye Candy With Streaming JSON
    This tutorial is a quick showcase of what can be done with D3 and PubNub. Let's get visual with a bubble chart!...This bubble chart demo shows the current activity by regional data center of all of the global communications across the PubNub Data Stream Network...

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