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  • A Big Article About Wee Things
    This post is about...wee things. Specifically, the wee things that we see as part of graphics, maps, visualizations as well as the wee things we experience as part of interactions, navigation, and usability. This means everything from sequences of small graphics that help us make comparisons, to tiny locator maps that help orient us within a larger graphic, to navigation icons that give hints about how we should make our way around a page.
  • Responsive Data Visualization
    This is a small prototype of an approach to responsive data visualization, using D3.js and a mini-library called rdv. The basic concept is to construct a visualization as a collection of features, then turn those features on and off based on the ratio of points to pixels...

Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • Data Visualization And Design – Skillshare
    We were recently joined by School of Data/Code for South Africa Fellow Hannah Williams for a skillshare all about the data visualization and design. We all know dataviz plays a huge part in our School of Data workshops as a fundamental aspect of the data pipeline. But how do you know that, beyond using D3 or the latest dataviz app, you are helping people actually communicate visually? In this 40 minute video, Hannah shares some tips and best practices...
  • What A Sinking Ship Can Tell Us About Teaching Data Visualization
    Here’s the idea...I’d take out a few carefully-chosen examples of data visualizations and show them to the students. One of them would be a classic, one of them would be terrible, one would be really good, and etc. During the exercise, they were to gather into groups, talk for a little while about the visualizations, and then present their ideas to the class.
  • Salvaging The Pie
    The poor, maligned 3D pie chart. He is so popular among the common folk, but put him next to his peers and his vacant stare betrays (not entirely unfounded) feelings of insecurity and inadequacy...for the third installment in our Data Looks Better Naked series, we are recommending that the 3D pie do what the bar chart and table have done before him: start stripping to see what he might be concealing.
  • Twitter - How It Does Data Visualisation With Nicolas Garcia Belmonte
    Nicolas Garcia Belmonte discusses how Twitter does data visualisation. Talk was at The Graphical Web 2014 conference ( at The University of Winchester as organised by The Office for National Statistics. Video by John Wilson (@snoop2003) of Winchester University Journalism School.
  • Dr. Ben Shneiderman Engages With Data Visualization In Big Thinkers Talk
    Dr. Ben Shneiderman, Professor of Computer Science and Founding Director of the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland, present a Big Thinkers talk at Yahoo entitled, "Information Visualization for Knowledge Discovery: Big Insights from Big Data." During his presentation, Dr. Shneiderman focused on the importance of visualization tools in answering Big Data questions and solving Big Data problems...

Job Postings

  • Front-end Engineer in Austin, TX
    Umbel is a startup building the infrastructure by which companies own, control and access their consumer-centric data. We are currently seeking top-notch talent to join our fast-growing and dynamic engineering organization at several positions...

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • Use The Amazing D3 Library To Animate A Path On A Leaflet Map
    Viewing location data that varies through time on a static map is fun, but viewing it on an animated map is a lot more fun. Recently, online map lovers were excited by Chris Whong’s Day in the Life of a NYC Taxi map in which he used D3 to animate taxi paths on a Leaflet map...we break down the process of creating an animated path in Leaflet with D3...
  • 3D Chart By D3.js And Blender, Via SVG
    D3.js is data visualization library of Javascript which enable us to visualize data with svg element. On the other hand, Blender is an open source 3D computer graphics application...To make data visualization picture with nice-looking 3D, you can reconcile the both with SVG file. I mean, after creating the SVG file by D3, you can import SVG into blender to use it as 3D object...
  • How To Quickly Create Randomly Generated Datasets In Javascript With D3
    Often times in javascript and D3, we want to quickly create randomly-generated, “fake” data on the fly for testing and iterative development. To help speed things up, we can combine the d3.range() operator and the native prototype to make up large data sets instantly...

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