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  • The Most Useful Data Plot You’ve Never Used
    You have probably never used—maybe never heard of—boxplots. That’s unfortunate, because boxplots should be one of the “go-to” tools in your data analysis tool belt...For the purpose of demonstration, let’s start with creating some randomly generated data...

Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • Maps Need Context
    It might be the case that maps are the most data-dense visualizations. Consider your basic roadmap: it includes road types (highways, toll roads), directions (one-way, two-way), geography (rivers, lakes), cities, types of cities (capitals), points of interest (schools, parks), and distance...lately we’ve been wondering if most maps fail to convey enough context.
  • nyaplot
    Nyaplot is an interactive plots generator for Ruby users. Its goal is to provide the way to create interactive plots in their favorite styles and still allows fast prototyping, customizability, and integration to SciRuby components.
  • Springy.js
    Springy is a force directed graph layout algorithm that uses some real world physics to try and figure out how to show a network graph in a way that looks good.
  • 8 Articles Discussing Visual And Visualisation Literacy
    In many ways we are in a golden age of experimentation and discovery in data visualisation...Here is a short collection of eight recommended and relevant articles about visualisation literacy – as well as the broader matter of visual literacy...
  • Great Gaps In The World Of Art Auctions
    The visualization explores the art pieces hammered during last 10 years by Sotheby’s auction company. Visualized are the 532 pieces which a selling prices greater than 4 milions or Euro. Pieces are positioned horizontally according to the hammer price (x axis) and vertically according to the date of the auction (y axis)....

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • d3pie
    d3pie is a simple, highly configurable script built on d3.js for creating simple, attractive pie charts. It's free, open source, and found on github.
  • synth
    Synth is a multi-user syntesizer using d3 and webaudio api.
  • Marrying Backbone.js And D3.js, A Follow-up
    More than a year ago, I struggled with putting Backbone and D3 together... I documented my first approach, where I directly injected D3.js into Backbone.js, here: Marrying Backbone.js and D3.js...Since then, I've learned quite a bit from the (amazing) D3 community, and explored a few more approaches. It's far from perfect, but at a good enough point where I feel ready to document it again.
  • Using The D3 Trail Layout To Draw The Hayian Tracks
    I wrote many examples and some entries in the blog showing how to draw animated paths on a map using the D3 library. But since then, Benjamin Schmidt wrote a D3 layout, called trail layout, that simplifies a lot doing this kind of stuff. Since the layout is new, and hasn't got many examples (actually, two made by the author), I'll try to show how to work with it.
  • Open-high-low-close(OHLC) Charts With D3.js
    OHLC charts are a great way to present financial data; they convey more information than a simple line chart and show intraday ranges. Highstocks has a built in OHLC type that works fairly well, but naturally doesn't have the flexibility that d3 and a custom chart provide...Here's a quick d3.js based OHLC chart/proof-of-concept and source...

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