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  • Edward Tufte Celebrates Richard Feynman At Fermilab
    The gulf between art and mathematics is not nearly as wide as one might think. Beginning on Saturday, April 12, famed statistician and artist Edward Tufte will prove it with an installation at the Fermilab Art Gallery titled The Cognitive Art of Feynman Diagrams.

Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • Build Powerful Data Visualizations For The Web Without Writing JavaScript
    Variance Charts empowers engineers, designers, journalists, scientists, and analysts to build elegant bespoke data graphics for the web, using only HTML & CSS. Our intuitive, markup-based grammar emphasizes clear, practical graphics and serves as the foundation for a wide range of visualizations.
  • Visualizing Chess
    As a statistician and geo-scientist Seth Kadish felt a need to share his results with the general public. Sheets of equations are not the best way to go about this, so Seth Kadish developed a data visualization system to make his results more accessible to a lay audience. As a chess player he realized that the same methods could be applied to the game. This resulted in some really cool graphs.
  • How Humans Make Crime Data Apps More Compelling
    When the Los Angeles Times launched a redesign of The Homicide Report, I marveled...I started to think more about data-driven crime apps and the role humans play in making those apps come to life. I looked first at Chicago, which is an interesting case because it’s known for its open data....
  • The Dangers And Rewards Of Data Journalism
    My gut instinct is that people are more wary of bias in data journalism, because there's a tendency to believe that the "numbers don't lie". And they might not. But how you chose to present them has a very big impact on the message a particular truth tells...

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • New D3.js Book => D3.js in Action
    D3.js in Action is a practical tutorial for creating interactive graphics and data driven applications using D3.js...The book has three parts: Part 1: An Introduction to D3, Part 2: The Pillars of Information Visualization and Part 3: Composing Interactive Applications with D3...
  • Visualizing A Real-Time DataSift Feed With Node And D3.js
    I decided to mix the real-time data source of DataSift data with a volume/time graph example from the D3 library. I added a simple UI and real-time rendering using Node.js, and Express to allow the user to enter their stream credentials. The finished example is as follows...
  • How To Create HTML Labels In SVG Using D3
    Labels are a critical part of any data visualization, and formatting labels deserves a lot of attention. Unfortunately, SVG itself doesn’t do us any many favors in that department...That’s a shame...If only we could use HTML to make labels inside SVG elements...It turns out you can with D3.js...

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