Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter Issue 66 Weekly Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter

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Welcome to the sixty-sixth issue of's Weekly Newsletter

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  • PathGL
    PathGL sits between D3.js and the DOM and lets you draw to WebGL instead of SVG.

Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • twism - A clickable SVG Map jQuery Plugin
    Twism is a clickable SVG map jQuery plugin that was built because sometimes, I just want to add a quick map to a project without making my life complicated with D3.js.
  • Simple Open Data
    So you want to publish some open data? Cheers! - you’re awesome. Here are some helpful hints to make it simple and effective...
  • Visualization Fun With Python
    The below plot is my favorite data visualization I created for my thesis. It is a 2D density plot with histograms projected along each axis... this plot also includes a 2D temperature/density plot in the middle, and 1/2/3 sigma contour lines... There are quite a few tricks in the below code including...

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • Inline Visualization With D3.js
    Sparkline is an inline visualization that fits nicely within the text. Tufte described it as “data-intense, design-simple, word-sized graphics.”...I was wondering, however, if there is some other form of inline visualization?
  • Conditional Probability - A Visual Exploration
    A conditional probability is the probability of an event, given some other event has already occurred. In the below D3.js Visualization, there are two possible events that can occur. A ball falling could either hit the red shelf (we'll call this event A) or hit the blue shelf (we'll call this event B) or both.
  • D3.js With LiveScript
    You might have heard that using D3.js requires some functional thinking. LiveScript is a JavaScript dialect with strong functional programming influences, which seems a perfect match! Here are some tips for using LiveScript to make working with D3.js easier.
  • Places In The Game Of Thrones
    A D3.js Data Visualization by Jerome Cukier that shows all of the places mentioned in the Song of Ice and Fire books. Two places are linked if characters travel from one to the other in a chapter.
  • Interactive D3.js Game - You Fix The U.S. Federal Budget
    Your mission is to find $2.5 trillion -- by cutting spending or raising revenues or a combination of both -- to reduce deficit spending over the next 10 years. Your selections will be tallied automatically on top as you add or subtract items.

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