Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter Issue 64 Weekly Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter

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Welcome to the sixty-fourth issue of's Weekly Newsletter

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  • The Role of Algorithms In Data Visualization
    It’s somewhat surprising to me to notice how little we discuss about the more technical side of data visualization...Yet, visualization happens a lot in the computer also, and what happens there can be extremely fascinating too. So, today I want to talk about algorithms in visualization.
  • Introduction To D3.js Video
    Shirley Wu gives a gentle introduction to the enter-update-exit pattern that will get you data-driven in no time at the San Francisco D3.js Meetup.

Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • Accessible Data Visualization with Flexbox
    In 2008, digital designer Wilson Miner wrote an article for A List Apart called Accessbile Data Visualization with Web Standards. I found his approach powerful and simple as it leveraged tools many developers already know and doesn't introduce another tool, e.g. d3.js, into what could be an already complicated application.
  • A Breakdown Of Online Mapping Tools For Journalists
    Journalism professor David Herzog led a workshop Thursday explaining how to build interactive maps with Google Fusion Tables. During his presentation, he mentioned several online cartography tools journalists might find useful. We've outlined many of those tools below...
  • Sigma.js 1.0, The Next-Gen Graph Drawing Library, Is Out!
    Today the new release of Sigma.js is out! Backed by our friends at Sciences-Po Medialab in Paris, the project lead by Alexis Jacomy “is a JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing. It allows developers to integrate network exploration in rich Web applications.”
  • Practical Cartography: Maps And Prose
    The other day, I realized that map designers have a really strange blind spot. There’s a certain map element that nearly everyone incorporates, but I may have literally never seen any sort of advice, discussion, research on the role it plays in design. That element is Prose...

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • Replacing Google Image Charts With D3.js
    When I first discovered Google Image Chart API, I had written little JS and was excited about how easily I could create decent-looking bar charts without including big libraries or writing a lot of code...After attending a conference talk about D3, I decided to copy a sample bar chart and adapt it for my purposes...
  • Running D3 In Node.js On Windows Without Python
    If you do a quick search on running D3.js in Node.js, the D3 NPM package ultimately has dependencies on Python and C++. This adds some complexity to getting setup in a Windows environment. Here's how to do it without those dependencies...
  • D3.js Drag And Drop
    Implementing drag and drop in D3.js is a pretty simple task when you know how to do it. The following is a walkthrough from setup to execution and the events along the way.
  • Design Driven D3.js
    Sarah Nahm shows how to bring designs to life by taking output from programs like Adobe Illustrator and Sketch and augmenting them with D3.js. Video from the San Francisco D3.js Meetup.

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