Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter Issue 6 Weekly Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter

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Welcome to the sixth issue of's Weekly Newsletter .

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  • D3.js Version 3.0 has been released!
    New Geographic Projection System, Extended Geographic Projections, New Transitions, Updated D3 asynchronous methods, Updated d3.format class, Updated d3.time.format, Updated d3.layout.treemap and more!

Data Visualization Reading

  • Recent tweets by United States Legislators
    This page is powered by Django. It consumes data from the Github project unitedstates/congress-legislators and Twitter. The (currently decorative) map is rendered by D3.js and backed by geoJSON. PhantomJS helps to update and cache the charts each hour.
  • Data visualization at National Geographic, circa 1900
    On January 13, 1888, a group of 33 gentlemen founded the National Geographic Society… Graphics and maps at National Geographic go back to that very first issue… Five color maps illustrated an article entitled “The Great Storm of March 11-14, 1888″. Following them, a remarkably elegant chart shows the changes in atmospheric pressure registered by different vessels and land stations over the duration of the three-day storm, and compares them with the normal value. Technical but still a good chart even by today’s standards...

D3.js Reading

  • Description: A little language for D3.js
    Description is yet another small language that compiles into Javascript. It is inspired by my work with d3js, a document manipulation library, and is meant to be an alternative (not a serious one! :) to Coffeescript.



  • UI/UX Visual Designer - QuantumBlack (London, England)
    We’re looking for a User Interface (UI) Designer with a precocious talent for creating highly impactful and visually engaging UI designs, to join our exciting boutique Data Science and Visualisation consultancy based in Old Street, London.

That's the news that's fit for sharing this week.  Hope that you had a great past week and that next week is even better!

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