Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter Issue 50 Weekly Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter

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  • The 30 Data Viz Blogs You Cannot Miss - In One Place
    As data visualization expands its reach – through the rise of Massive Online Courses, the countless events and, most significantly, the interconnection between different disciplines and knowledge fields that produce inspiring works and innovative projects -, it’s only natural that the number of folks writing about it keeps rising...
  • New D3.js Book: "Data Visualization with D3.js" by Swizec Teller
    You will learn how to use d3.js to manipulate vector graphics with SVG, layout with HTML, and styling with CSS. You'll take a look at the basics of functional programming and using data structures effectively – everything from handling time to doing geographic projections. The book will also help make your visualizations interactive and teach you how automated layouts really work.

Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • 100 Days of Citi Bike
    A look back on New York City’s first-ever bicycle share program through its first 100 days. Analysis covers the What makes Citi Bike bicycles unique, How far and wide Citi Bike members rode as well as What is at stake in Citi Bike's success or failure...
  • Maps.JS Introduction
    MapsJS is a free JavaScript library for enhancing the presentation of your data using map visualization in HTML5. MapsJS is much more than your average map control, it is a comprehensive geospatial JavaScript library....
  • Moviegalaxies - Social Graphs In Movies
    Moviegalaxies is a place to discover the social graph in movies. By building a technology (with sigma.js) to visualize movies through smart algorithms and data processing, we create a new way to experience motion pictures.
  • Interactive Maps With Polygons Using R, Geojson And Github
    How do we do this with the R to geojson to Github workflow? Using our package rgbif you can get a interactive map with polygons up on Github in just four lines of code! Of course creating a .shp file will take more than four lines of code...

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • Application Building With D3
    Presentation by John Firebaugh (@jfire) at the Bay Area D3 User Group regarding his experiences building a fully featured application in d3.js. The project is iD the editor for and was built and open sourced at (Press "S" for notes, then flip through the presentation and the second window will show you the notes...)
  • Mortality Rates In The U.S.
    While a bit morbid, mortality data sets actually make for great visualizations. They generally have a nice plus in that they can be conveyed both spatially and chronologically in ways an audience can quickly grasp. Built with D3.js by Matthew Isabel (@matthewisabel).
  • Pre-render D3.js Charts At Server Side - Part 1: Proof-Of-Concept
    This guide explains how to use d3.js on the server to pre-render data-visualization, which will be used client-side. The main goal here is to do the heavy-lifting on the server in order to reduce page load time and other burden for the website visitors, while keeping all the power offered by d3.js, in terms of interactions on the browser. Built by by @mango_info
  • RabbitMQ Simulator Visualizer
    A representation of the RabbitMQ messaging concepts visualized using D3.js. I created this project both as a way to learn D3.js and to create a more portable and customizable version of the RabbitMQ Simulator. I needed a way to better embed RabbitMQ visualizations into presentations and wanted something without a server side component.  Built by James McClelland (@defactojames)
  • University of California System Campuses : Revenue & Expense Trends
    University of California System Campuses Expenditures, Revenue & Expenses by Target broken down by function & campus. Built by Sara Quigley (@saraquigley). [Note - great example of use of data and various D3 / Data Visualization layouts to get the message/story across)

Hope that you had a great past week and that next week is even better!

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