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  • Make Bad Data Visualizations
    Last week, I attended Open Oakland for the first time. I started talking to a group of members who were working on tool to better expose campaign finance information through data visualizations. When I went to the Github repo, I found something very different: an empty folder. So, I did the only thing I knew how to - I built a sh**ty graph.
  • D3.js Mapping Training from
    This training course is a curated curriculum built to teach you the basics of creating Map Data Visualizations. In addition to receiving a deeper understanding of D3.js, you will also learn about JavaScript, GeoJSON, TopoJSON and serving/receiving/modifying map data from a server.

Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • Stamen Design Studio Is Hiring A Business Development Lead
    We’re looking for someone who’s excited by the work we do now, and also someone who’s motivated and inspired to help us grow and develop our business at a time when the possibilities of mapping data in creative ways are seeing near-explosive growth and public interest. You’ll report to Stamen’s CEO and Creative Director, Eric Rodenbeck.
  • Information Visualization For Large-Scale Data Workflows
    In this talk we’ll describe the role that information visualization technologies play in the LinkedIn data science ecosystem, and explore best practices for understanding the structure of large-scale data in a production environment. From hypothesis generation and feature development to model evaluation and tooling, visualization is at the heart of LinkedIn’s machine learning workflows...
  • How To Make Cycle Plots Using Excel Charts
    When you make a line chart in Excel, the series overlap, and sometimes it may be tricky to resolve the individual data. It would be nice to have the option to arrange the separate series data end-to-end, with a space between them, as is done in Excel’s bar and column charts. These column charts are examples of cycle plots, and they can be done using Excel line charts without too much pain.
  • How Foursquare Made Those Insane Data Visualizations
    Working with Foursquare data scientist Blake Shaw, Foursquare designer Matt Healy mapped a year's worth of user check-ins within each city, paying particular attention to pairs of sequential check-ins and condensing all that activity down into a 24-hour span. Healy prototyped and built the Pulse visualizations using Processing...
  • How To Choose 'Advanced' Data Visualization Tools
    There's data visualization and then there's "advanced" data visualization, but you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference based on press releases and marketing brochures. Just about every business intelligence and analytics vendor out there has released an advanced data visualization module or add-on capability within the last year, with examples including IBM, Microsoft, MicroStrategy, Oracle, SAS, SAP and Tableau...

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • Visualizing the BART Labor Dispute
    The Bay Area d3 User Group and the VUDLab @ UC Berkeley worked on this project to get a better understanding of what is going on with the BART Labor Dispute. This is a great example of how the D3.js / Data Viz community can get together for the greater good.
  • Visualizing Min-Heap Algorithms With D3.js
    To keep working on learning Javascript and D3.js, I thought I'd try using D3.js to visualize a simple algorithm: finding the largest couple of items in a list. Setting up the visualization in D3 was relatively straightforward, its just a simple state machine - with D3 handling animating the transitions between states.
  • Building D3.js Bar Chart For Angular
    D3 a very powerful tool and at times can be a bit overwhelming. Today I would like to simplify things by walking you through building a bar chart using for Angular using D3.js.
  • Mapping Data In Python With Pandas And Vincent
    One area where the Pandas/Vincent workflow really shines is in Data Exploration- rapidly iterating DataFrames with Vincent visualizations to explore your data and find the best visual representation. With the release of Vincent 0.3, you can now also rapidly iterate maps to visualize your data.
  • TopoJSONify
    TopoJSONify is a Simple API tool to POST a GeoJSON FeatureCollection and get back TopoJSON. The website is found at Now you can get your GeoJSON converted to TopoJSON, programmatically, over the web.

Hope that you had a great past week and that next week is even better!

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