Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter Issue 4 Weekly Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter

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Welcome to the fourth issue of's Weekly Newsletter .

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  • Data Visualization: Which Chart Should I use?
    As a data visualization engineer at Datameer, I work every day with charts and graphs manipulating data and thinking about how to make the best insights the most salient..... I put together a short video about what charts are best suited to which questions based on how that question is answered by the data.
  • Cartograms with d3 & TopoJSON
    cartogram.js is a JavaScript implementation of an algorithm to construct continuous area cartograms, by James A. Dougenik, Nicholas R. Chrisman and Duane R. Niemeyer, ©1985 by the Association of American Geographers. This example combines TopoJSON-encoded boundaries of the United States from Natural Earth with 2011 US Census population estimates to size each state proportionally.
  • This Weird Map Visualizes Air Pollution as Nose Hair Length
    Clean Air Asia has decided to start visualizing each person’s air pollution exposure as super-long, disgusting nose hairs....The more dirty air you breathe, the more nose hair you need. Today, 70% of developing Asian cities have harmful levels of fine particulate pollution. These are impurities that enter your nose and penetrate your lungs. It causes over 800,000 premature deaths in Asia every year. See how much nose hair you need to survive without clean air in your city.
  • D3, Conceptually Lesson 2: Charts
    2.1 Making some charts outside of the school, 2.2 A bigger palette, 2.3 Tipping the scales, 2.4 Nope, sorry, that circles example is still rubbish, 2.5 Once more unto the... graph, 2.6 An optional, and not necessary, detour into style.
  • Big Data Visualized in Big Book Form
    Marketers dealing with data on a regular basis have trouble making sense of it, so Rick Smolan's mission to help the rest of the world understand big data is no small task. Today, his new coffee table book, "The Human Face of Big Data," will be distributed to 10,000 influential people around the world in specially-designed FedEx boxes through primary sponsor, data-management firm EMC, along with Cisco and FedEx.


  • Anand S - Beautiful visualizations with d3.js
    This talk was recorded at JSFoo 2012, a JavaScript conference by HasGeek -- This workshop will walk through the concepts of creating visualisations with D3 and dive into specific examples that you'll be working on.

Data Viz Conferences / Meetups


  • Data Visualization / UI Lead (Boston, USA)
    Localytics offers the most powerful app analytics platform, giving app publishers for iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML5, BlackBerry and Windows devices the tools they need to build more successful and profitable applications....Localytics has one of the richest data sets in the mobile industry. We collect hundreds of millions of data points every day from thousands of apps including many of the largest in the app store....We are seeking a talented engineer who will leverage our rich data and the latest UI technologies to create meaningful visualizations and help customers answer questions and drive insights they did not previously think possible.
  • Data Visualization (Plano, TX, USA)
    Start-up near Dallas looking to hire full time Data Visualization person to help create our product. We are in the AI, machine learning, and Big Data space. The core team is created with the exception of a Data Vis / UI developer. Salary + equity.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow in Data Visualization (Little Rock, AR, USA)
    The Post-Doctoral Fellow will be expected to advance the analysis of data through information and scientific visualization, the creation of information rich virtual reality, and integration of haptic and tracked interfaces into visual analytics. The domains to benefit from this research include, but are not limited to, business analytics, bio-medical data, social networks, and engineering.
  • BI Engineer - Data Visualization (Washington D.C., USA)
    GSN Digital is the interactive division of GSN (Game Show Network). We offer the Web's most engaging games, sweepstakes and contests through our destination sites and We collect 500 million daily data points, and need to you present them in compelling, actionable visualizations....As the company's first dedicated Data Visualization engineer, you will be responsible for creating and maintaining a growing library of dashboards, reports, and interactive data tools.

Hope that you had a great past week and that next week is even better!

Wishing you the best, 
Sebastian Gutierrez

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