Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter Issue 31 Weekly Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter

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Welcome to the thirty-first issue of's Weekly Newsletter

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  • How We Visualized Meteorite Impacts
    Martina (Interactive Things) details the thought and visualization process behind the successful Meteorite Impacts Visualization. Article covers Research and Analysis, Concept, Result, Challenges and Conclusion.
  • Developing a D3.js Edge
    (New D3.js Book!) If you are interested in using D3 in a reusable and modular way, which is of course in line with modern development practices, then this book is for you! This book is aimed at intermediate developers, so to get the most from this book you need to know some JavaScript, and you should have experience creating graphics using D3. You will also want to have a good debugger handy (Chrome Developer panel or the Firefox/Firebug combo), to help you step through the many real world examples that you’ll find in this book.

Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • 5 Ways to Get Effective Data Visualizations
    How can you assure your data visualizations hit the bull's-eye time and time again? We put that question to Zenick and fellow BI consultant Tricia Aanderud. They shared a lot of great advice, including these five tips for getting started and working with data visualizations:
  • Data Visualization: Data Viz vs Data Avatar
    What does it mean to be a Data Visualizer? Is it mutually exclusive with a graphics/UX designer, data scientist, or a coder? The term “Data Visualizer” recognizes someone who creates data visualizations, so what we are really exploring is what is a data visualization versus graphics design, classical graphs, or in this case shall we say “Data Avatar”?
  • rCharts
    rCharts is an R package to create, customize and publish interactive javascript visualizations from R using a familiar lattice style plotting interface.
  • Visual Literacy In An Age Of Data
    Data visualization work in journalism has been flourishing over the past few years both to find and analyze data for investigative purposes and to present information to the public. One result of this is that some of our visual presentation of data has begun to skew toward a more specialized audience. In doing that, we’re losing readers because we’re not taking our audience’s visual literacy into account.

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • How We Built The 8pen Doodle
    The 8pen is all about reconnecting the pleasure of writing on a sheet of paper with 21st century touch-enabled devices. In this post we present a fun week-end hack we had drawing beautiful figures stemming from 8pen motions. Uses D3.js.
  • Functional Programming Patterns in Four Popular Javascript Libraries
    I generally find discussions of design patterns a bit dry, but in testing new Javascript libraries, I’ve stumbled across some interesting tactics. The four libraries and patterns covered are ExtJS – Config Objects, Lunr.js – Serialization, Pdf.js – Promises and D3 – Continuations.
  • London D3.js Meetup #5
    Two Presentations - "Ten Visualisations of a Single Dataset using D3" By Peter Cook and "Drawing graphs: arrows are beautiful" By Alistair Jones.
  • Hexagonal Grids
    Hexagonal grids are used in some games but aren’t quite as straightforward or common as square grids. I’ve been collecting hex grid resources for nearly 20 years, and wrote this guide to the most elegant approaches that lead to the simplest code, largely based on the guides by Charles Fu and Clark Verbrugge. I’ll describe the various ways to make hex grids (I’ve counted 74 so far!), the relationships between them, as well as some common algorithms. Many parts of this page are interactive; choosing a type of grid will update diagrams, code, and text to match. (Built with D3.js and other libraries)

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