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  • The Rise Of The Dataviz Expert
    "Data visualization" as a requirement in job descriptions increased 12% over the past six months, according to Todd Nevins, co-founder of ICrunchData, a jobs board that specializes in data analytics positions.... "Data visualization is still in its infancy but becoming more prominent as companies wrap their strategies around the extraction and usage of data," Nevins sums up.
  • Data Stories #22: NYT Graphics and D3 with Mike Bostock and Shan Carter
    Enrico & Mo talk to graphic editors Mike Bostock and Shan Carter in this dense and long episode. We talk about many practical and more philosophical aspects of publishing interactive visualization on the web. We also spend quite some time discussing about D3.js’s past, present and future.

Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • Introduction To Open Source Geospatial Tools
    While the following tools are not scenario planning tools in their own right, they could grow into frameworks that allow us to do scenario planning with open source tools. This is a general introduction and roundup of those tools.
  • Leaflet: Past, Present, Future by Vladimir Agafonkin
    Leaflet.js is now the most popular open source solution for publishing maps on the Web. What’s the story behind Leaflet? How did it became so successful so quickly despite strong competition and lack of features? This talk will be presented by its lead developer and will cover lessons learned, the current state of the project and future challenges.
  • New Ways to Visualize Your Data - Microsoft Research
    On May 23, Danyel Fisher and his colleagues, including Roland Fernandez, principal research software-design engineer, published three new data-visualization tools to Apps for Office, a new channel where people can download free apps for the new Office. Those embeddable apps will let Excel users experiment with new data visualizations using their own data.
  • Behind the Australian Financial Review’s Budget Explorer
    Data Driven Journalism - The budget is a major political and economic event for our paper and we wanted to augment our coverage of it online with an interactive tool that would cater for both expert readers and readers with only a passing interest in the data. That meant creating something with a clean design that would make the information clear enough to understand but also encourage readers to explore the underlying numbers.

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • Introducing D3.js - Toon Ketels
    Practical d3.js introduction which teaches some of D3's fundamentals such as data-joins, scales, axis, labels, ticks, animations... After the talk, you should be able to understand how scales, axis and data-binding work together. Presented at Fronteers Meetup - Mechelen, Belgium
  • Media Queries Within SVG
    There has been a lot of interesting chatter regarding SVG as of late, including thorough posts by David Bushell and Chris Coyier. One aspect in particular that is getting quite a bit of attention is the ability to embed media queries within SVG files.
  • Scott Murray's D3.js Book: Read It Online For Free
    his online version of Interactive Data Visualization for the Web includes 44 examples that will show you how to best represent your interactive data. For instance, you'll learn how to create this simple force layout with 10 nodes and 12 edges.
  • Dimple.js - An Object-Oriented API For Business Analytics
    The aim of dimple is to open up the power and flexibility of D3.js to analysts. It aims to give a gentle learning curve and minimal code to achieve something productive. It also exposes the D3.js objects so you can pick them up and run to create some really cool stuff.

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