Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter Issue 197 Weekly Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter

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  • Visualization with React
    Increasingly, React is becoming the lingua franca of visualization: more than a tool that allows one to draw data, a mindset that informs how one should think a visualization...What I’ll try to do here is to show how React can be used for visualization: hopefully, this will be useful both for people who come from d3 and who’ve never worked with a web framework before, and for people who are familiar with React but who don’t know visualization well...
  • The Making of R2D3 with Tony Chu [Video]
    Interaction Designer Tony Chu provides a behind-the-scenes look at R2D3, a project aimed at giving people without a technical background a sense of what machine learning is. R2D3 received a Vizzie from the National Science Foundation and was an honoree in the 2016 Webby Awards...

Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • All the National Food Days
    Once I paid attention, it started to feel like there were a whole lot of national food and drink days in the United States. National Chili Dog Day. National Donut Day. National Beer Day. I’m totally for this, as I will accept any excuse to consume any of these items. But still, there seems to be a lot...So here are all the days in calendar form. Today, August 18, is National Pinot Noir Day...
  • The Trouble with Chernoff
    In 1973, applied statistician Herman Chernoff proposed one of the most strange and ingenious ideas in the history of information visualization – symbolizing data using faces...In the intervening years, the so called ‘Chernoff Face’ has become one of the most curious artifacts in the world of information visualization. Despite the best effort of academics to find a way to make the faces ‘work’, the usual response to Chernoff faces from the cartographic community is a combination of fascination and loathing...

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • Draw a Text Path
    Draw a line and the text will follow it. Change the text in the text box...
  • d3-distanceLimitedVoronoi
    D3 plugin which computes a Voronoi tessellation where each cell defines a region inside a given distance...In the linked example, Nate Vack uses SVG's clipPath technique to cut off Voronoï-based interactive regions. This plugin mimic the final result by computing the adequate distance-limited region around each subject of matter. The adequate region is the intersection area between the Voronoï cell and a max-distance circle...
  • Let's Make a Grid with D3.js
    We want to make a 10x10 grid using D3.js. D3’s strength is transforming DOM elements using data. This means we’ll need some data and we’ll want to use SVG and rect elements...This tutorial is a way to apply what I learned about data joins, click events, and selections as well as what I learned about building arrays along the way...
  • gist-snap - snapshot thumbnails for
    This takes creates a preview.png and thumbnail.png of your index.html and commits/pushes them...gist-snap is conservative - if you don't have an index.html in your folder, if the images files already exist, or if your local files aren't in sync with origin/master, it will exit without modifying anything...

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