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  • Intermediate D3 For Data Visualization Taught By Scott Murray
    This is part of, the distance-learning program of the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas at Austin...This course aims to build on basic D3 visualization skills by introducing additional technical complexity with stacked bar and area charts, and maps of geographic data...At the end of the course, you will come away with knowledge about: a) using loading transitions to draw attention to your chart, b) adding tooltips and framing your visualization in context, c) “stacking” data to create stacked bar and area charts, d) acquiring, parsing, and projecting geographic data, e) encoding data values on a geographic map, as with choropleth and dot maps, f) and much more...

Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • Emotional Intelligence In Design: How Design Grows Up
    Without mindfulness, products might only be rude, but they might also affect someone’s health, their support systems, or their very livelihood. A good friend once told me that to be an adult is to be aware. It’s time for design to become an adult. As product and service design collide, designers are responsible for understanding every ripple of our work...
  • How The Wall Street Journal Built A Series Of Artful Animations For An Investigative Series
    David Enrich, a Wall Street Journal reporter, has followed the case and Tom Hayes (one of the few bankers in prison for crimes committed during the global financial crisis that erupted in 2008) for years, gaining remarkably close access to the 35-year-old banker, now inmate...To help push the story along and complement the narrative, the newspaper’s graphics department created a series of animations that serve as visual metaphors of the unraveling of Hayes’s life as he knew it...
  • Create A Heatmap In Excel
    Simply put, a heatmap is a table where the data are visualized using color. They pop up fairly regularly these days, sometimes showing the actual data values and sometimes not, like these two I pulled from FlowingData...Last week, I showed you how to use Excel’s Conditional Formatting menu to add cell formats to highlight specific data values. Here, I’ll show you how to easily use the Color Scales options in that menu to create a Heatmap...
  • What Is Big Data, Anyway?
    A presentation for non-technical folks in Communications and Journalism about some recent trends in "Big Data"...

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • Angular In D3, D3 In Angular [video]
    Why are interfaces static and unimaginative when we work in the most malleable medium? I've been wondering whether it is the 'perspective' of our tools that shape and restrict our expression. D3 and Angular have profoundly different world-views; can they cooperate, and what happens when we use them together?...
  • From Monoliths To Components With D3 [video]
    This talk explores a different approach to building charts with D3 that follows the existing patterns of components and data-joins and adds some new ones too. We’ll also look at some funky ideas along the way such as using Flexbox for styling SVGs, and new patterns...
  • bayd3: Susie Lu - d3.legend 09.16.15 [video]
    Susie shows her project d3.legend and gives some insight in how it came about. She shares her experience releasing her first major Open Source contribution and some wisdom she gained from the experience.

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