Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter Issue 14 Weekly Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter

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Welcome to the fourteenth issue of's Weekly Newsletter .

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  • Seven Dirty Secrets of Data Visualisation
    What are the real challenges visualisation developers face, and what don't they want you to know about their work? Two professional practitioners lead you through some of the dirty secrets of the infovis trade...
  • List of all @mbostock bl.ocks updated hourly
    Mike Bostock has updated to now includes the username in the URL. @roland_dunn created a page with the list of Mike Bostock Items from as a chronological list, ordered by creation date.

Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • Data Visualizations: How Songs Go Viral on had its first ever hack day on Tuesday, and on Friday, it announced the result. This hack is a datamining experiment that traces how songs get transmitted between people on this real-time group listening network.
  • Looking for Love in All the Right Places
    If you’re hoping to find love, here’s where you should go to improve your odds. In love, as with real estate, it’s better to get the inside scoop before you start your search.
  • "Naked Statistics" book review by Stephen Few
    I spend most of my time teaching people the basic concepts and skills of data visualization. Because statistical thinking is so central to the work that I do, I am constantly on the lookout for books that teach the essential concepts of statistics well. I am happy to announce that I’ve just found the book that does this better than any other that I’ve seen: "Naked Statistics"...
  • Data Visualization With Web Standards
    Video of Andrew Trice Presentation - “Data Visualization With Web Standards” - to the Data Visualization New York Meetup group. Presentation is focused on the fundamental techniques of visualizing data within HTML/JS experiences.

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • Automated D3.js Map of Any Country
    I previously wrote a post on how to create a map of anywhere of the world using d3. I’ve decided to take that a step further and created a python script that automates the entire thing. Follow the instructions in this github repo and you should be good.
  • D3.js cheat sheet
    d3 cheat sheet covering HTML positioning, sizing, colors, lines as well as SVG positioning, sizing, colors, lines and finally D3 select > data > enter > append, path, quantitative scales, transitions and interactions.
  • WP-D3
    A WP plugin to integrate D3 into your WordPress post/pages. Ths plugin provides the current last version of D3 (v3.3) and a couple of tags to reference any possible .js or .css depedencies and to paste javascript code into your post or pages to render it.
  • d3.legend
    d3.legend is a quick hack to add a legend to a d3 chart. Simply add a g and .call(d3.legend). Any elements that have a title set in the "data-legend" attribute will be included when d3.legend is called. Each title will appear only once (even when multiple items define the same data-legend) as the process uses a set based on a existing names, not an array of all items.


  • Data Visualization Manager - The New York Times (New York, NY, USA)
    As hands on Technology Manager for Data Visualization Team, you will be continually challenged to develop new visual applications to make data actionable and facilitate idea generation throughout the company. This position emphasizes a need for an artistic mind senior engineer to conceptualize, design and develop reusable graphic/data visualization applications.
  • Data Visualization Designer - Facebook (Menlo Park, CA, USA)
    Facebook is looking for a "hands on" Data Visualization Designer for the design and development of rich interactive graphics, data visualizations and charting. You will be responsible for the design, development and production support of interactive data visualizations used across the enterprise.
  • Data Visualization Specialist - Edelman Berland, part of Edelman Public Relations (New York, NY, USA)
    This position is primarily responsible for using research data from focus groups, surveys and online research communities to create compelling presentations and information graphics. The Data Visualization Specialist is a visual storyteller who can examine data sets and create clear, compelling graphical presentations, images and interactive features that can stand on their own or complement research studies.

Hope that you had a great past week and that next week is even better!

Wishing you the best, 
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