Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter Issue 131 Weekly Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter

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Welcome to issue 131 of the Weekly Newsletter.

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Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • Simplifying Map Production
    When news happens in locations that our audience may not know very well, a map seems like a natural thing to include as part of our coverage. But good maps take time...
  • Gallery of Concept Visualization
    The Gallery of Concept Visualization features projects which use pictures to communicate complex and difficult ideas (not just data)...
  • Easy Graph Visualization With Vis.js
    Sometimes you just want to show data in an application. When working with graph databases like Neo4j, what more natural than showing a graph visualisation...for quick demos, configuration is sometimes painful when you just want a directed graph, with arrows on the edges, nodes colors and maybe clustering...I discovered recently vis.js, a javascript library that makes things really easy...We’ll setup a quick demo with fake data to see how it works...
  • What Killed The Infographic?
    Infographics, it seems, are a dying breed. Except that in talking to a dozen data visualization experts across the world's top studios, I learned that the story is far more nuanced. Once a playground for independent designers, data visualization has evolved into something more mature, corporate, and honest about its failings. The quirky, experimental infographics that once peppered the Internet may be disappearing. But that's only because data visualization, as a medium, has finally grown up and gotten a job...
  • NYC Street Trees
    Every day, I walk through the 585 acres of Prospect Park with my dog, and do my best to identify the surrounding trees and plants...I googled ‘New York tree map’ or something to that effect. I came across a brilliant project by Edward Sibley Barnard and Ken Chaya, similar to what I imagined, where they mapped all of the trees of Central Park. However, their map is an illustrated paper map, and my thought was that such a map should exist on the web and have some level of interactivity...

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • Interactive WebGL Globes With Three.js And D3
    In this article we're going to make an interactive WebGL globe. Instead of creating complex geometries from the geojson data to represent the countries, we'll use D3 to generate canvas maps that get converted to textures and applied to a sphere in THREE.js. I've found this is a pretty simple way to get the basic effect with minimal effort. With a few helper functions and some work to get things aligned properly we can make great interactive globes with a very small amount of code...
  • d3-composite-projections
    Set of d3 projections for showing countries' distant lands together...Drawing choropleth maps is difficult in some countries when parts of them are far away from the mainland...
  • Create A Bar Chart With D3 JavaScript
    In this tutorial we’re going to try our hand at creating a basic bar chart using D3 JavaScript...We’ll have a look at the various methods from the D3 library that enable us to create these striking visuals such as selection.selectAll(),, selection.enter(), selection.append(), d3.scale.linear(), d3.scale.linear().domain(), d3.scale.linear().range(), d3.scale.ordinal(), d3.scale.ordinal().domain(), d3.scale.ordinal().rangeBands() and more...

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