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  • Data Visualization With JavaScript
    This (free) book won’t teach you how to design data visualizations...this book focuses on the JavaScript code for creating visualizations...Most of the book’s examples are simple, straightforward visualizations...To make the text as clear and readable as possible, these examples generally contain isolated snippets of JavaScript, plus occasional fragments of html or css.

Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • Data Stories #41: With Lisa Strausfeld
    In this episode we have Lisa Strausfeld from Bloomberg with us. Lisa started doing VIS very early on and in the episode she tells us about her super interesting story of how she got into VIS and all the jobs she has done: starting as a student of Art and Computer Science (yes, Art and CS!), designing chips for Motorola, up to these days at Bloomberg Visual Data and Bloomberg View.
  • The Cartographer Who’s Transforming Map Design
    Cindy Brewer...who chairs the geography program at Penn State, is a popular figure in part because she has devoted much of her career to helping other people make better maps...Brewer’s best-known invention is a website called Color Brewer, which helps mapmakers pick a color scheme that’s well-suited for communicating the particular type of data they’re mapping. More recently she’s moved on to other cartographic design dilemmas ...
  • A 16yr Old Wants A Career In Data Visualization. What Advice Do You Give Him?
    We received an email last week from Louis Booth. He’s sixteen and wants to pursue a career in data visualisation. We are always happy to receive this kind of email and it’s great to see that data visualization is increasingly seen as a valid career path. We gave him some advice but we also seek your advice...
  • ZorroSVG - Put A Mask On It
    Transparent PNGs are great, but they come at a price: file size. Wouldn't it be nice if there were transparent JPEGs instead? Unfortunately there is no such thing, but ZorroSVG gives you the power of transparent PNGs for the size of a JPEG.
  • Beyond Traditional Design Tools: A Transit Map Experiment
    Today’s web is full of amazing stuff from amazing people. The catch is that most of it is only accessible for people who code. Say, D3.js. There are well over 2000 examples and demos, yet, there are not many options to give it a play for those who do not write code...I am going to pick a Transit Map Experiment by Brian Foo and show how we could bring these goodies to everyone.

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • Bloom Filters
    Everyone is always raving about bloom filters. But what exactly are they, and what are they useful for? [Editor Note - worth reading D3 source behind page as well]
  • Streamlining The Student Loan Experience
    As part of O3 World’s recent work designing and building, we had the chance to tackle these problems when tasked with building a student loan calculator. As a developer I got a chance to sink my teeth into two emerging tools, AngularJS and D3, which ultimately paid huge dividends for us and made the development process extremely satisfying.
  • D3: Proportional Symbols
    Proportional symbol map based on secondary data. This map shows proportional symbols based on the city populations minimum and maximum values.
  • D3.js – From Zero To Data Viz Hero With Kent English
    In this [video] presentation, Kent English strips away the mystery and show you how to get started by taking a very simple example and iteratively adding on commonly needed features. By the end, you will have the confidence to go forth and start bringing your own data to life.

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