Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter Issue 10 Weekly Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter

Hi Friends -

Welcome to the tenth issue of's Weekly Newsletter .

Onwards to this week's links...


  • Andrew Gelman's talk at the NY Data Visualization Meetup
    This coves my choices involved in a few zillion graphs I’ve published over the years, to give a sense of the options and choices involved in graphical communication. For this talk there will be no single theme just a bunch of open discussion about what I tried, why I tried it, what worked and what didn’t work, etc.

Data Visualization Reading and Videos

  • People Dots: Seattle Area Commuting
    Here is a series of maps looking at how folks there get around the Metro Seattle area...Hat tip to Brandon Martin-Anderson's inherently appealing direct relationship of people to dots, which seemed to work well for looking at the commuting characteristics of a city.
  • Data, Design, Meaning (slides + video)
    In our age of info-saturation, true value is found in distilling large amounts of data into a form that is easy to comprehend and act upon. This talk provides an overview of tools and techniques which you can use to level up your data presentation, regardless of application.
  • Visualizing data using a 3D printer
    Some time ago, I had some data that lent themselves to a 3D surface plot. The problem was, the plot was quite asymmetrical, and finding the right viewing angle to see it effectively was extremely difficult... The solution was obvious: I had to find a way to print R data on one of these 3D printers!

D3.js Reading and Videos

  • Bounded Panning in D3.js
    Say you want to draw a chart but the data that you’re dealing with has a huge domain. You can’t possibly fit the whole chart on your page without degrading the visual fidelity of the data, so you’re left with something that doesn't show all data...
  • D3.js and WordPress
    I am currently learning how to use a Javascript library called D3, and I had to do a bit of wrestling with WordPress to get the two to play nicely together. I ended up using an iframe to wrap D3 scripts, and I’ll explain how using this post.


Hope that you had a great past week and that next week is even better!

Wishing you the best, 
Sebastian Gutierrez

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