About DashingD3js.com

The Mission:
Decrease D3's Steep Learning Curve

The goal of this website is to help you learn D3.js faster and more comprehensively.

Known for having a very steep learning curve, this website has resources ranging from tutorials, screencasts, a blog and training courses to help you master D3.js.

The website started as a digital version of my personal notes as I was teaching myself D3.js and has grown from there.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think
=> sebastian@dashingd3js.com

Sebastian Gutierrez

The Author: Sebastian Gutierrez

Career in Start-ups and Wall Street

Specializes in Actionable Data Visualizations

Runs DashingD3js.com

Organizes NYC D3.js Meetup

S.B. in Mathematics, M.A. in Economics